Our New Ambassador, Dr Tracy Chandler

Introducing Dr. Tracy Chandler from Timaru in New Zealand. A mother, grandmother, medical doctor, and biochemist.

Tracy’s 23 years’ experience as a GP, and as a mum of 7 have made clear to her the impact of nutrition and environment on an individual’s health and vitality.

Her passion for sharing this knowledge has led to her being featured as an expert in nationwide magazines including ‘The NZ Listener’, ‘Simply You’, ‘Australian Woman’s’ Weekly’ and ‘Nadia’ Magazine; and also on’ The Hits Radio’ and expert panel of the ‘I Quit Sugar’ Program.

Her particular focus in Functional Medicine is the use of Energy Medicine tools to create longer lasting healing. She is passionate about teaching and empowering her patients to heal themselves in a co-creative relationship.

Her role of a doctor has always been to advocate for her patients, especially when it relates to body autonomy and freedom of choice in healthcare.

Her greatest healing and inspiration come from hugging her husband, children and grandchildren. A 6 second hug releases oxytocin so her mantra is ‘heal with hugs’.