Here in New Zealand we have almost 400 members just from word of mouth in a couple of months, and 8 hubs already in the planning stages. Our aim over the next month is to have a website up and running so our health hubs can be found easily and therefore help them to become established more quickly. This fundraising campaign will help cover the cost of setting up our own NZ website, purchase banners for events and print flyers + posters. 

We emphasise the need for community support and hope that people with suitable locations around the country will offer these at affordable rents to get these hubs off the ground. As each hub is organic it will grow as new members come on board and meet the needs of its community. One dream is eventually a health hub that is also large enough for a community space for meetings, social gatherings, classes and even a healthy cafe and local produce shop. There are some initiatives in New Zealand similar to this but with the international reach of the PHA we are hoping many more will be established in a short space of time. There are now a total of 31 countries where PHA is growing, sprouting in communities across the world.

We have attached the PHA website for the UK so you can gather more information. Our aim is to raise $3000. For larger donations please email us at [email protected].